Quit Drinking

A guy goes into a bar and orders three separate shot glasses of Irish whiskey. He drinks all three. He does day after day after day, and the bartender finally says, “You know, I can put all three of those shots into one glass for you.” The guy says, “No, I prefer it this way. I have two brothers over in Ireland, and I love them. This glass right here is for Finnian and this one here is for Fergus, and this one is for me. This way I can feel like we here together having a drink.” He comes in day after day after day, the bartender sets up three glasses. And then one day, the guy says, “Give me two shots today.” “What happened? Did something happen to one of your brothers?” the bartender asked. “No, no, no,” the guy said. “They’re okay. It’s just that I decided to quit drinking.”

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