Day out with the kids...

27 / Януари / 2020

- Instead of singing ණ bottles of beer on the wall," you drink �em.

- During the school year, keep them up at night so that they fail and get held in summer school.

- Pretend to pass out at the wheel, weaving erratically.

- Blindfold the children and tell them that you�re taking them to the &#34Batcave."

- Sit them back-to-back, facing away from one another, and go to town with the duct tape.

- Make them eat a whole turkey and let the tryptophan kick in.

- You can ship a 40 lb child UPS 2nd day air for around $60.00, but don�t forget the air holes.

- When you get on the plane, ask your child if he or she remembered to pack their parachute.

- Tell your kids that if they�re extra-good, they get to ride in the "trunk seat."

- For every sugary snack your kid eats, take a Valium pill.